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Référence Offre Lieu de travail Détails
ADC/49 Assistant de direction commerciale H/F Angers En savoir plus
ADC/12 Assistant de direction commerciale H/F Rodez En savoir plus
RCS/80 Responsable commercial de secteur H/F Amiens En savoir plus
RCS/51 Responsable commercial de secteur H/F Reims En savoir plus
RCO/13 Responsable commercial H/F Aix-en-Provence En savoir plus
RCO/38 Responsable commercial H/F Grenoble En savoir plus
RCO/69 Responsable commercial H/F Lyon En savoir plus
RCO/84 Responsable commercial H/F Avignon En savoir plus
RCO/26 Responsable commercial H/F Montélimar En savoir plus
COM/75 Adjoint au Directeur Comptable et Consolidation H/F Paris En savoir plus
ROP/75 Responsable Outils et Procédures H/F Paris En savoir plus
CO/91 Commercial itinérant H/F Evry En savoir plus
CO/92 Commercial itinérant H/F Antony En savoir plus
CO/78 Commercial itinérant H/F Versailles En savoir plus
CO/77 Commercial itinérant H/F Melun En savoir plus
CO/83 Commercial itinérant H/F Toulon En savoir plus
CO/38 Commercial itinérant H/F Grenoble En savoir plus
CO/26 Commercial itinérant H/F Valence En savoir plus
CO/05 Commercial itinérant H/F Gap En savoir plus
CO/04 Commercial itinérant H/F Digne-les-Bains En savoir plus
DIR/CO/75 Directeur commercial H/F Paris En savoir plus
CS/33 Chef de site H/F Bordeaux En savoir plus
CLT/75/AMENIA Consultant en recrutement 75008 Paris En savoir plus
LG/HL/91940 Spécialiste Support Hot Line Les Ulis En savoir plus
DF/45 Directeur de Filiale H/F Orléans En savoir plus
MRMG/GER/AMENIA Maintenance & Repair manager (wagons) - North Area DUESSELDORF/BERLIN En savoir plus
PI/BD/2401 Commercial export sédentaire confirmé Tremblay-en-France En savoir plus
AU/LG/CDP 5885 Chef de projet technico-commercial Melun (77) En savoir plus
IN/MANWAG-2325 Manager - Maintenance wagons Bonneuil (94) En savoir plus
CA/78 Chargé d'affaires (78) Vernouillet En savoir plus
TECHWAG/LG/3941 Technicien wagons ( ferroviaire) Paris En savoir plus
LG/COMPTA/05/19 Comptable PME (avec anglais) Evry (91) En savoir plus
CA/92 Chargé d'affaires H/F Antony En savoir plus
CA/91 Chargé d'affaires H/F Palaiseau En savoir plus
CA/02 Chef d'agence H/F Aisne En savoir plus
CBE/91 Chargé de Bureau d'Etudes Massy En savoir plus
87584/LG/BE Assistant Bureau d'Études Evry (91) En savoir plus
LG/RRH.FR/05-2019 RRH sites France - droit travail individuel PARIS En savoir plus

Commercial export sédentaire confirmé [Ref. PI/BD/2401]

This company is today one of the leading European manufacturers of hinges, latching systems and industrial hardware.


Since 1840, the innovation and research of new technologies have been its founding values to provide products and services that are always more efficient, competitive and respond to clients' needs. From the design of hinges and locks right up to customer service, innovation has a place at every level in this company.

We are looking for a self-started, committed, creative and team oriented





to join our sales team as a key success driver as soon as possible. You will have a proven and documented experience in generating and acquiring qualified leads.


The mission


In close cooperation with the Export Manager you will be leading all activities connected to the identification, qualification and acquisition of potential customers. Based on and in line with the sales strategy, you will contribute to our sales success and to customers’ satisfaction, covering a portfolio that has the potential to grow and develop in the future.


Within the scope of this mission, you will:


 - assist the (4) Key Accounts Europe in their mission to acquire customers by identifying and qualifying projects. The work of acquisition itself will be done in industry sectors as defined by the KAM. The follow up will be split between the Export BD and the KAM. Visiting trade fairs abroad can also be part of this job.

- implement marketing / promotion activities such as web mailing, phoning, etc. as defined by the management; create target files, call potential customers and manage recalls from customers.

 - manage the customer database (CRM) led by the Export Manager; qualify and improve this database according to company standards, report when database shows gaps in content

- manage every lead up to the order placement (includes all leads that you will have detected and qualified)





More generally, The Export BD :


- Answers all information requests from prospects and customers and will also liaise with the Design Office and/or Technical Support Manager for bespoke products.


- Takes advantage of any opportunity to communicate about products and services of the company, in order to do cross selling.



- Reports regularly to the Export Manager, to look at monthly sales performance and market feedback/benchmark. He/she also participates in producing non-conformity reviews.

- He/she is in charge of issuing offers to incoming enquiries. He/She will work independently in order to identify/prospect new industry sector targets. He/She will also have to find new distributors in order to enlarge the European network.




- You are a dynamic and skilled export business developer.


- You like working with the industry sector and you are familiar with telesales; you are not easily discouraged and always stay motivated, even in the absence of immediate success.

- You are a team player and believe that your individuality and creativity, combined with the cooperation with others, will lead to success

- You are also aware of the fact that patience is well rewarded and good things are worth waiting and working long-term for.


And of course… you are more than fluent in English (ideally bilingual).       


This position provides the possibility for development, depending on your skills and achievements and can lead to a Key Account position medium-term.


Please note: the position will be based in Tremblay-en France Headquarters.



Please send your resume and motivation letter to Lionel GUERIN :




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Lieu : Tremblay-en-France

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Amenia : Cabinet de recrutement, Approche mixte et directe
Amenia : Cabinet de recrutement, Approche mixte et directe