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Référence Offre Lieu de travail Détails
ADC/49 Assistant de direction commerciale H/F Angers En savoir plus
ADC/12 Assistant de direction commerciale H/F Rodez En savoir plus
RCS/80 Responsable commercial de secteur H/F Amiens En savoir plus
RCS/51 Responsable commercial de secteur H/F Reims En savoir plus
RCO/13 Responsable commercial H/F Aix-en-Provence En savoir plus
RCO/38 Responsable commercial H/F Grenoble En savoir plus
RCO/69 Responsable commercial H/F Lyon En savoir plus
RCO/84 Responsable commercial H/F Avignon En savoir plus
RCO/26 Responsable commercial H/F Montélimar En savoir plus
COM/75 Adjoint au Directeur Comptable et Consolidation H/F Paris En savoir plus
ROP/75 Responsable Outils et Procédures H/F Paris En savoir plus
CO/91 Commercial itinérant H/F Evry En savoir plus
CO/92 Commercial itinérant H/F Antony En savoir plus
CO/78 Commercial itinérant H/F Versailles En savoir plus
CO/77 Commercial itinérant H/F Melun En savoir plus
CO/83 Commercial itinérant H/F Toulon En savoir plus
CO/38 Commercial itinérant H/F Grenoble En savoir plus
CO/26 Commercial itinérant H/F Valence En savoir plus
CO/05 Commercial itinérant H/F Gap En savoir plus
CO/04 Commercial itinérant H/F Digne-les-Bains En savoir plus
DIR/CO/75 Directeur commercial H/F Paris En savoir plus
CS/33 Chef de site H/F Bordeaux En savoir plus
CLT/75/AMENIA Consultant en recrutement 75008 Paris En savoir plus
LG/HL/91940 Spécialiste Support Hot Line Les Ulis En savoir plus
DF/45 Directeur de Filiale H/F Orléans En savoir plus
MRMG/GER/AMENIA Maintenance & Repair manager (wagons) - North Area DUESSELDORF/BERLIN En savoir plus
PI/BD/2401 Commercial export sédentaire confirmé Tremblay-en-France En savoir plus
AU/LG/CDP 5885 Chef de projet technico-commercial Melun (77) En savoir plus
IN/MANWAG-2325 Manager - Maintenance wagons Bonneuil (94) En savoir plus
CA/78 Chargé d'affaires (78) Vernouillet En savoir plus
TECHWAG/LG/3941 Technicien wagons ( ferroviaire) Paris En savoir plus
LG/COMPTA/05/19 Comptable PME (avec anglais) Evry (91) En savoir plus
CA/92 Chargé d'affaires H/F Antony En savoir plus
CA/91 Chargé d'affaires H/F Palaiseau En savoir plus
CA/02 Chef d'agence H/F Aisne En savoir plus
CBE/91 Chargé de Bureau d'Etudes Massy En savoir plus
87584/LG/BE Assistant Bureau d'Études Evry (91) En savoir plus
LG/RRH.FR/05-2019 RRH sites France - droit travail individuel PARIS En savoir plus

Maintenance & Repair manager (wagons) - North Area [Ref. MRMG/GER/AMENIA]

Maintenance & Repair Manager – North Area (Germany)

Within one of the leader companies in the fiels of industrial wagons rental (45 000 railcars over Europe), you manage a team of 15 people based in Germany, Poland, UK, Scandinavia and Benelux.

Your role is to review and reline the operational processes between the regions. 
You ensure the relations with the workshops, you manage the maintenance budget and follow the customers for all questions concerning maintenance and repair, considering the safety requirement and ECM Processes.

This job reports to the director of Northern Europe You manage a technical team of round 15 people (Berlin, Düsseldorf and some other places in North Area)

- Job based ideally in Düsseldorf. Berlin also possible.
- 50% travel time
- Fleet of 10 000 wagons

- Yearly Maintenance budget : 15-20 M€
- 100 customers in different branches (chemicals, oil, cereals, wood etc.)
- Operations & team management
- You contribute to a change in mindset.

Your team is made of technicians, each of them is dedicated for customers.

You also strengthen the relationship with the other M&R managers & the ECM manager.
You are also responsbile of the external stakeholders relationship.

You keep a close contact to the Maintenance & Repair Managers of South and Eastern Europe (your peers) based in France and Czech Republic and other key stakeholders within the group (sales, Safety…)

Among your challlenges :

✓ You help to endorse the digitalisation
✓ You improve the internal communication regarding security issues
✓ You act within a competitive market & challenging customers

Your profile :
  • You have a good knowledge of the railway sector (industrial rail cars) and the norms.
  • At least 10 years of experience in a technical (electrical competences are also welcome) & managing position in wagons sector & experience in maintenance.
  • Experience in leading a multicultural team and with international customers Good understanding of operational experience & likes to work in the field
  • Good knowledge of the technical transportation norms, in particular the norm RID.
  • You’re experienced in working in a matrix organisation and you are Fluent in English & German. You have a strong Leadership. You’re a team player and you know how to create a strong connection with a team.
  • You’re customer oriented & long-term vision orientation, with an intercultural mind-set You’re definittely enthusiastic and convinced of the importance of digitalisation for the maintenance process. Project thinking, proactive, adaptable to change (flexible) and autonomous.

Fix salary & Bonus & company car

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Amenia : Cabinet de recrutement, Approche mixte et directe
Amenia : Cabinet de recrutement, Approche mixte et directe